…I´m feeling quite good at the moment.
I go to the gym on a regular basis and with this comes a good and clean nutrition. I need this combination, I really can´t do just one thing period!
I follow a good morning routine which includes cold shower reading meditating and just spending time with myself. These days I love the idea of personal development especially the idea of “its not important who you are today its important who you can become” or to put it in the words of Les Brown “It dosen´t matter where your life is right now, where your life is right now is not you, its just what it is right now
Ahh jezz, when something catches you and ignites a fire in you rRr thats… rat man – I love this feeling beeing motivated and inspired to the teeth :)

But with all this going on in my life I´m still not certain what I really truely want from life. If I could choose anything in the world what would it be?
I can not answer this right now but I think this is ok. I just keep pushing myself stiking to my new habbits beliving that with the time I will somehow figure it out.


Ask yourself

Just some quick questions for/to yourself to become a better version of yourself.
I found this in a newsletter and just want to share it with you.
I think self reflection is soo important to become… a better you 😉

What do I need to learn to have a better life?

What can I do from now on/today that would make me thankfull looking back in exactly one year?

What do I need to do to become more happier more fullfilled and even more successful?

What skill do I have to get? Why?

Why exactly would this help me? What exactly would be better?

I love personality development these days so much 😉
It is from


The idea of “how to eat clean food when you stay in hotels”

The last months and years I stayed lots of days in hotels and similar locations where I couldn´t cook at all.
Basically I love fast food but I know the side effects of it and they did not go hand in hand with my goals in terms of health and happiness.
So I try to find ways to eat better, cheaper but still enough to have got a good energy level.

Oh boy thats healthy :D

Oh boy thats healthy :D


Marathon 2017

Because of the great impression from the run in 2016 in hanover I decided to do it again this year.
Last year I had about 12 weeks of preparation and accomplished 21k in 2:08:00 – This year I had about 5 weeks prep and did the run in 2:16:00 but it was not really clever. I had problems with my ankle and this and that but I just wanted to make it anyhow.

But same as last year the atmosphere was just perfect and what a beautiful day, awesome baby.
And having some grilled pork and salat with friends and family afterwards was a super idea :)

Next year I will prepare myself a little more espacially when it comes to body weight.
One kilogram bodyweight is about one minute on the clock – Holy Moly

Thanks Luisa for supporting me along the way.


Let´s continue

Alrighty, so after a long period of time I now decided that I´ll continue blogging.
Somebody said “once you start taking notes you´ll learn” and by writing my thoughts down in here I can liberate myself a bit and maybe learn from what I´ve written.

I guess I have to change the design a bit to show I´m really willing to continue even fresher and better than before(Let´s ignore the word better, cause there is no good and bad in blogging^^)

Just a side note, I´m sitting in an office, doing a lame job and actually I´m learning for a Microsoft certification, altered my daily routines pretty much but I´m still looking for things which really fullfill me but more of that in the next post.

But how do you know what you want and even more interessting how do you know when you got it? Is it a certain feeling you want to catch up with?


One year far away : a short Story III (last chapter)

More than half a year had passed since I was crying with Luisa at the airport in Aukland flying back to Germany.
More than half a year had passed since I said goodbye to a year full of everything.
More than half a year had passed since I am back in my “real life”
…but there is hardly a single day not thinking about it..

Many sunsets had passed

Many sunsets had passed


Rob Roy Way – Scotland (77 Miles)

Alrighty, so even after a good research about this walk but not finding information about camping, toilets, company along the way, interesting points, way posts etc here is an article about this way because I think the way has got some kind of potential to be a very good one but most hikers are maybe scared due to the lack of information.

At first I was one of them.

welcome scotish weather

welcome scotish weather


Commit yourself isn´t easy

I just want to quickly post this cause I like the idea and I´m feared to forget it.
Right, it´s about fear.
This of course is a never ending topic but I just want to connect fear to a certain thing and this is commitment to anything.

– So let´s say you like to play piano and you are actually pretty good. You would love to play on a big stage cause you even got some talent but it´s alright for you(that´s what you tell yourself at least) just to play here and there not regulary and after some time the idea is gone.

It´s about your current state

In the last days and weeks being super unproductive at work I got a hang to motivational and personal trainer/speaker like the great Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Tai Lopez and it really makes fun to watch these guys cause they influence me in a positive way(at least while watching).
People who know me do also know that I have a sense of this motivational stuff espacially in combination with some music and out there is so much stuff out there but that´s where I think it´s not all gold. The variety is wide spread that I got a little over it. There are postings like how 7 steps to be more yourself or 3 steps every succsessful guy does every day or 4 reasons why you are not happy in your relationship and 50 things to challange yourself and they are almost always pretty good.
Actually I try to find a good dosis of this stuff reading and implemanting.