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Die Sache mit dem Rotwerden – Level II

Was für ein Montagabend. Es war wieder soweit – Toastmaster Evening in Hannover!
Ich hatte bereits vor zwei Wochen meine bezaubernde Nachbarin überzeugt, sich die Sache mit diesem… diesem Redeclub anzusehen.
Letzten Montag war sie wieder mit dabei, hat ihr Wort gehalten und hat mich damit aus meiner *Kein Bock Stimmung* abgeholt.
Alleine wäre ich wahrscheinlich diesmal nicht hingegangen… Geliebte Zuverlässigkeit, ich sags immer wieder *g

Die Stimmung vorher - gar kein Bock, ey

Die Stimmung vorher – gar kein Bock, ey


Die Sache mit dem Rotwerden

Alrighty, so yesterday I made it to my first Toastmaster seminar here in Hanover.
I´ve heard about Toastmaster already and read about it in different literature. With the beginning of this year I was introduced to sources where I can… boah Junge was willst du sagen?!^^

Seit längerer Zeit habe ich den Wunsch, neue Dinge in mein Leben zu ziehen, neue Dinge auszuprobieren, neue Leute kennenzulernen und vielleicht sogar ein paar herausfordernde Dinge zu testen. In Communitys, wie Internations und Meetup kann man schnell und einfach verschiedenen Gruppen beitreten, die Veranstaltungen auf vielen Ebenen anbieten. Die Angebotsvielfalt beinhaltet u.a. gemeinsames Kart fahren, Rundgang durch die Stadt, Führungen, Treffen für Fremdsprachen und auch die Toastmaster Speaker Gruppe.

Porn is like junk food, don´t eat it

“Porn is like junk food, don´t eat it” was a line I recently read when I did research about porn.
For quite some time now(more than 50% of my entire life) I was consuming porn. I never felt shame or regret of course not.
Slapping the salami while watching some hot chicks playing with there fruit is definetely

Everything began with Lan Partys.
Some of my friends will never forget these days with my so called Porno Spindel.


You can´t be more honest than to yourself

Exactaly one year ago I started journaling my days my thoughts my memorys and everything which is in my head I really can´t explain. I had a rough year 2017 and I can say that the journal was a perfect companion along the way. Normaly I am a person who is really into thoughts and who keeps everything in head but with the journal I can liberate my thoughts/brain quite a bit and download them on paper for ever.

Actually it is valuable to me

Actually it is valuable to me


It´s all about the rhythm

You know I am a very sporty dude and especially love team and ball sports. In my childhood I got good prepared for that stuff(thanks to my parents) and somehow it´s a natural for me.
Now I am 34 and I still love getting into new sports. Two years ago Luisa and I went to my very first ski experience. She is so skilled in that and is driving her whole life.
In my opinion skiing is something you can´t explain in a way you explain handball or golf to somebody. It´s all about rhythm and of course about fears.

Snow and sun, so awesome

Snow and sun, so awesome


When Murphy comes along something goes wrong

Wow, that was funny boy!
Together with my band members Fare we had a gig in the opera of Hanover. What a great thing to do.
We were told that it would be up to 400 people so we packed our stuff and got ready.

snowy times

snowy times

I have to say that this location was soo amazing. It was behind the scenes so to speak.
Absolutely Fantastic. Normally you sit in the crowd an see a play on stage but beeing backstage… It was a room with a height up to 50 m and the same below the floor. crazy!
While carryieng our stuff inside the room people yelled at me with a finger leveled at my head. At first I tought they admired my chicago bulls hat which I found quite cool but than I was told that it was an absolut No Go to wear a hat on stage(inside a theatre). It is about superstition. Actress and actors are afraid that people might leave in the first break putting their hats on to go outside. Alrighty, thanks for that learning… Another thing is whistle. In the old days pipelines and tubes whistled when they were about to break so NO whistle on stage please.
rrRR soo rat!

rrRR soo rat!

I just wanted to see Murphys limit so I took a black cat and walked on broken glas under a ladder to see if Murphy would appear but he didn´t. At least no yet.

The coolest part for us as a band was of course the qualitiy of the sound on and off the stage. Light was also an important factor but the most impressiv part was that they hightend the stage up to one meter. That was so cool to play up their.

What a stage

What a stage

At 18:30 we started our gig with our first set of ten songs… and it was followed by the next set of ten songs… but for some reason…it wasn´t so much fun. In other words I was a little frustrated. At first I thought it was our playing that we might suck tonight and played like a horde of morons. After every single song there was brief applause and thats it. No cheering or yelling or dancing or singing along… nothing. Then we realized that the people down there haven´t seen each other in a long time and they were so much into interacting with one another rather than partying with us – Thats an odd feeling, dude!

Over the last months I mastered playing with click like in every song. I got a metronom app on my smartphone and connect it via my bluetooth headphones and I played a song…suddenly the click stoped in my headphones and I got a call which also rings in my headphones in the middle of a song. My parents just wanted to say good luck for the gig I now know… what a timing. Still that wasn´t Murphy that was just.. funny.
The next song was Brian Adams with when youre gone. I counted in… click click click click and normally I would hit a crash cymbal + bass drum but the bass drum wasn´t… available so to speak. It was a feeling like getting stolen by the throttle while driving on the street.

I check the bassdrum and found this.

no bum bum anymore ;(

no bum bum anymore ;(

That was Murphy!

I continued playing with no bass drum kicks at all and to my surprise it seemed that it had not bothered anyone. For me as a drummer the most important part at a drum rack was missing!
After the song with pretty much no time in between the next song kicks in. Four non blondes – whats going on. What a perfect timing because it was the song which sounds nearly as a good to play with or without drums at all. I immediately fixed the hole and changed the position of the kick pedal to finish the gig at least with some kind of drum kick.

kind of a fix up...

kind of a fix up…

To our all sakes while playing our third set songs from pink to kings of leon the crowd now started to dance and sing along. Finally even we got some fun and ended the performance with a hot finale.

What did I learn this day?

No hats on stage



…I´m feeling quite good at the moment.
I go to the gym on a regular basis and with this comes a good and clean nutrition. I need this combination, I really can´t do just one thing period!
I follow a good morning routine which includes cold shower reading meditating and just spending time with myself. These days I love the idea of personal development especially the idea of “its not important who you are today its important who you can become” or to put it in the words of Les Brown “It dosen´t matter where your life is right now, where your life is right now is not you, its just what it is right now
Ahh jezz, when something catches you and ignites a fire in you rRr thats… rat man – I love this feeling beeing motivated and inspired to the teeth :)

But with all this going on in my life I´m still not certain what I really truely want from life. If I could choose anything in the world what would it be?
I can not answer this right now but I think this is ok. I just keep pushing myself stiking to my new habbits beliving that with the time I will somehow figure it out.


Ask yourself

Just some quick questions for/to yourself to become a better version of yourself.
I found this in a newsletter and just want to share it with you.
I think self reflection is soo important to become… a better you 😉

What do I need to learn to have a better life?

What can I do from now on/today that would make me thankfull looking back in exactly one year?

What do I need to do to become more happier more fullfilled and even more successful?

What skill do I have to get? Why?

Why exactly would this help me? What exactly would be better?

I love personality development these days so much 😉
It is from


The idea of “how to eat clean food when you stay in hotels”

The last months and years I stayed lots of days in hotels and similar locations where I couldn´t cook at all.
Basically I love fast food but I know the side effects of it and they did not go hand in hand with my goals in terms of health and happiness.
So I try to find ways to eat better, cheaper but still enough to have got a good energy level.

Oh boy thats healthy :D

Oh boy thats healthy :D


Marathon 2017

Because of the great impression from the run in 2016 in hanover I decided to do it again this year.
Last year I had about 12 weeks of preparation and accomplished 21k in 2:08:00 – This year I had about 5 weeks prep and did the run in 2:16:00 but it was not really clever. I had problems with my ankle and this and that but I just wanted to make it anyhow.

But same as last year the atmosphere was just perfect and what a beautiful day, awesome baby.
And having some grilled pork and salat with friends and family afterwards was a super idea :)

Next year I will prepare myself a little more espacially when it comes to body weight.
One kilogram bodyweight is about one minute on the clock – Holy Moly

Thanks Luisa for supporting me along the way.