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One year far away : a short Story III (last chapter)

More than half a year had passed since I was crying with Luisa at the airport in Aukland flying back to Germany.
More than half a year had passed since I said goodbye to a year full of everything.
More than half a year had passed since I am back in my “real life”
…but there is hardly a single day not thinking about it..

Many sunsets had passed

Many sunsets had passed


Rob Roy Way – Scotland (77 Miles)

Alrighty, so even after a good research about this walk but not finding information about camping, toilets, company along the way, interesting points, way posts etc here is an article about this way because I think the way has got some kind of potential to be a very good one but most hikers are maybe scared due to the lack of information.

At first I was one of them.

welcome scotish weather

welcome scotish weather


Commit yourself isn´t easy

I just want to quickly post this cause I like the idea and I´m feared to forget it.
Right, it´s about fear.
This of course is a never ending topic but I just want to connect fear to a certain thing and this is commitment to anything.

– So let´s say you like to play piano and you are actually pretty good. You would love to play on a big stage cause you even got some talent but it´s alright for you(that´s what you tell yourself at least) just to play here and there not regulary and after some time the idea is gone.

It´s about your current state

In the last days and weeks being super unproductive at work I got a hang to motivational and personal trainer/speaker like the great Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Tai Lopez and it really makes fun to watch these guys cause they influence me in a positive way(at least while watching).
People who know me do also know that I have a sense of this motivational stuff espacially in combination with some music and out there is so much stuff out there but that´s where I think it´s not all gold. The variety is wide spread that I got a little over it. There are postings like how 7 steps to be more yourself or 3 steps every succsessful guy does every day or 4 reasons why you are not happy in your relationship and 50 things to challange yourself and they are almost always pretty good.
Actually I try to find a good dosis of this stuff reading and implemanting.

Still my hero

Today I came across the mood that wanted me to remember Robin Williams and I can do this over and over and over.
I was watching so many videos and clips of my all time favorite comedian/actor and I felt pretty sad. And the funny thing is in the same moment I felt wonderful by feeling sad about him, it´s wired but I miss him on tv.

Motivation meets music

Here are two states, two conditions which were triggered by motivation (at least for me).
In the last time I watch and read a lot of blogs/videos that contains and deals with emotional stuff, topics, storys and music.

I really can´t explain it in a rationally way but maybe you can comprehend this in some way.