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Anspruch auf Arbeitslosengeld I nach Auslandsaufenthalt

Ok meine Situation ist/war wie folgt:

Ich habe meinen Job zum 31.12.2014 aus eigenem Interesse gekuendigt.
Meinen Flug habe ich aber schon am 29.12.2014 genommen, somit war ich quasi noch im Flug in einem Beschaeftigungsverhaeltnis. Ich habe mich nicht arbeitslos/arbeitssuchend gemeldet, da ich dem Arbeitsmarkt in Deutschland bis zu meinem Abflug nie zu Verfuegung stand
(weil noch bis zum 31.12. bei Ricoh Deitschland angestellt)
Jetzt gilt in Deutschland die Regel, dass man eine drei monatige Sperrfrist fuer das ALG I bekommt, wenn man aus eigenem Wunsch hin seinen Job kuendigt. Diese Sperrfrist startet ab dem ersten Tag der Arbeitslosigkeit.

I need a job…again

Tauranga… the biggest area for jobs in september according to people I was talking to and to the holy backpackerboard.
The day before I received an email in which I was told that I could work on a kiwi orchard and I really needed it because slowly I was running out of money.

Tauranga beach

Tauranga beach

The first impression is just the most important one…
…and my very first impression of this… Bell Lodge hostel… was just a desaster

Road to Wellington

Deutsche Uebersetzung weiter unten

After this wonderfull time in Picton I decided to take the ferry to Wellington.
Saying goodbye at Sequoia Lodge was wonderfull too and the perfect day made the rest(ok enough superlatives)

So I drove with my „Isabell“ to the ferry terminal and some minutes later this big thing just started moving towards the open sea.
It was an astounding ship. Up on 9 floors you found yourself in a big paradies containing games halls, a kids playground, beautifull restaurants and in the front you can sit at a glassed lookout. Kind of a 500 inch plasma tv with a live stream of mother nature at its best. But the highlight for me was the top deck up at the roof of the ferry. The 360-view was magnificant and I know I repeat myself but the Marlborough sounds are just epic, man.

Interislander ferry

Interislander ferry