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I sold Isabell

My dear Isabell… what great times we had…hmm

Finally I sold „her“ in Aukland but it wasn´t that easy. The weeks before that day were such a pain in the ass

I bought my car in the beginning of February in Queenstown at a price of 1800$(1200€) and sold it 10 months later for 2900$. That sounds really good alright but you have to consider how much money I spend to keep it alive. There we have 400$ for new tyres, 1000$ to replace the campbelt, new breakes and here and there some other costs that I payed 4000$ all in all though. But at the end of the day I thought having a car such a long time for about 1000$, it was a pretty good deal for myself especially after these horror storys I heard from others even after I sold my car already. Having a car in New Zealand is always gambling and in this case I was lucky enough.

Finally I arrived in Aukland

Just this at first because it was and is such an awesome place….

Beauty  Coromandel

Beauty Coromandel

I think if you miss to go to Coromandel when you visit NZ you have to come back at least for this piece of earth. What a beatiful place. These beaches are so unreal, boy. After two weeks spending there woofing in Hahei I decided to take a deeper lock at the job situation. I mean woofing is awesome but I just have to earn some money and want to be productiv at least from time to time so I was scanning almost every day the internet to find a job in or around Aukland and tada I got lucky. So no time to waste and gogo to Aukland . On the same evening we went to straight up just.