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Motivation meets music

Here are two states, two conditions which were triggered by motivation (at least for me).
In the last time I watch and read a lot of blogs/videos that contains and deals with emotional stuff, topics, storys and music.

I really can´t explain it in a rationally way but maybe you can comprehend this in some way.


I just want to write something from experience about balance because I really like that topic.
In the last years people are using more and more this term ‚work-life-balance‘. As far as I can tell during my last five job interviews everyone of them told me about work and life balance. But is it something new? Something special, something wicked? Apparantely companys getting more and more afraid of employees getting trapped by bore-/burnout so that they announce this term based to a „good company“. On the other hand they realized a huge difference between an employee and an contented and motivated employee.
Beside sufficient private time as a motivation and engerie source it is equally important to have a balanced workload and sort of an challenging job.