Still my hero

Today I came across the mood that wanted me to remember Robin Williams and I can do this over and over and over.
I was watching so many videos and clips of my all time favorite comedian/actor and I felt pretty sad. And the funny thing is in the same moment I felt wonderful by feeling sad about him, it´s wired but I miss him on tv.

He was such a great actor and without any question the guy who touched me the most by putting so much emotion so much feeling so much love in his roles. His energy and positiveness captivates me in a way which makes me feel awesome and liberated me from my problems for a while.

There are moments in which I can´t breath easily while watching the ending speech of Jack, his lovely scenes in good will hunting, the moment when the students jumped on the the tables in dead poets society, before he dies in the bicentennial man and when he touched my soul in the lovely moments in patch adams. I don´t know him, of course, but what I heard and what I think about him is that he must have been a super loving guy, genourous and supportive in any way.

I was also watching all his performances on David Letterman and Conan O´Brian and they also have the opinion that he was maybe the most committed guy who lived comedy.

In some way I think there is something of him inside me and sometimes I do stuff which I saw in his movies and I´m convinced that made me a better person. He must have been one of a few who really lived without paying attention to others opinion and just want to have a wonderful time here and I´m sure he succeeded. He was he and watching him felt so liberating because it is ok to be you. You are you! There is nobody like you so relax and enjoy.

„Nobody on this earth will last for long. Life is fleeding so make your life spectacular!“

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