Commit yourself isn´t easy

I just want to quickly post this cause I like the idea and I´m feared to forget it.
Right, it´s about fear.
This of course is a never ending topic but I just want to connect fear to a certain thing and this is commitment to anything.

– So let´s say you like to play piano and you are actually pretty good. You would love to play on a big stage cause you even got some talent but it´s alright for you(that´s what you tell yourself at least) just to play here and there not regulary and after some time the idea is gone.

– Another example could be working 9 hours in an office with paperwork but you rather want to work in a social environment working with people but you just like(that´s what you tell yourself at least) the idea and after some time the idea is gone.

– You want to have a good life, financially independent, well loved and all around happy and you know which stepsyou have to do/change but than you procrastinate and after some time the idea is gone.

– Next think is that you want to implement a daily workout and a cold shower every morning because you know it is good for yourself so you think of just try´n it(that´s what you tell yourself at least) but after some time the idea is gone.

– You are single for three years and you have some bad expierience behind you and have problems to open up yourself and make yourself vulnerable but you would like to have a solid relationship but after some time the idea fades away.

Of course we hesitate to commit ourself due to fear.
Fear of not getting our and especially other expectations met
Fear of not getting what we deserve
Fear of becoming an even worse state than right now
Fear of fear itself
Fear of changes
Fear of uncertainty
and I think even fear of winning cause how do you continue?

I too struggle a lot with commiting myself 100% in what ever area of life I want to become personaly better. I think the biggest problem is my ego that stops me from continuing. If I commit myself fully to something than I have to ‚win‘ otherwise I would fail and I fear failing cause it feels weak and bad…
But I also know that where fear is leads the way because there is no failing only getting feedback and growing and at the end of the days that is what count the most. Growing! Progressing! Just a bit!

What if you write down the things you want to accomplish in learning skills, personal development, increasing income, reaching your dreams etc. And than you just give yourself a limited period of time let´s say 30-90 days everyday were you run after one particular thing. When you know something is limited and you see the end on your calander it is way easier to stick to it. And another strong technique to visualize what you want to be.

You spend at least 15 minutes every day(aim too high would fall into a higher chance to throw the towel after the first days so start small) to run after this one thing and after your limited time you see how do you feel and maybe you see some sort of difference. When you got that shred of what ever it is, I´m sure you´ll feel great. So make it to your habbit.
I think the longer you focus one thing the more you believe in yourself and that is the foundation of all great stuff.


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