The idea of „how to eat clean food when you stay in hotels“

The last months and years I stayed lots of days in hotels and similar locations where I couldn´t cook at all.
Basically I love fast food but I know the side effects of it and they did not go hand in hand with my goals in terms of health and happiness.
So I try to find ways to eat better, cheaper but still enough to have got a good energy level.

Oh boy thats healthy :D

Oh boy thats healthy :D

So this is the challange
No kitchen – no micro wave – no fridge

My Points:
– In don´t want to spend tons of money for restaurant visits (financial reasons)
– I would like to skip fast food/MCs/Sub/Doener (Healthy reasons)
– I would like to skip prepared cups with noodles, asia food etc (healthy reasons)
– I can´t eat fruits all day 😀 (my own reasons^^)
– Too much bread isn´t good either (healthy reasons)

The magic key is to find a balance between it

My Goal : To eat a „complete“ and healthful meal consisting of carbohydrates, fat, sugar, vitamins and protein.
So here are just some ideas what you can eat with minimal equipment (knife, spoon, cup, plate)

– My very classic meal is carrots plus a creamy cheese plus tuna. You have vitamins, loads of protein, fat and it tastes good
– Next thing is of course a typically salat pimped with tomatos, onions, red beans, nuts, and stuff
– Checking out a nearby butcher is definetelly a good thing, get some sausages combine it with one cup of asia noodles
– Luisas told me the idea of wraps with just things you don´t need to cook like salat, prepared meat, cheese, sauce, jalapenos, herbs
– You can do muesli when you store milk in the companys fridge but muesli is just so much carbohydrates and sugar so be careful with that
– Recently I *stole some boiled eggs and dry sausages from the hotel breakfast – was a good snack at least :)
– Sometimes I have a snack arround 15:30. Than I like joghurt with some fruit but not as a decent lunch, that would never be enough^^
– When I have a lucky day I encounter my friends the greeks with their awesome feta cheese, filled peppers and bread, those guys are really awesome
– When I was I kid we often had stew so this is a good meal as well but again, not every day for me please

To enhance the complexity and variety of meals you can bring a gas cooker, pan and pot with in your hotel room and start real cooking but you need cleaning stuff as well and oil and more cutlery and this and that – depends on your mode.

Oh boy thats healthy :D

Oh boy thats healthy :D

Luisa found a website which provide some ideas for food with no stove(its in german^^)
Food without a stove

If you have good meals or just some sexy combinations of ingredients, tell me;)


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