It´s all about the rhythm

You know I am a very sporty dude and especially love team and ball sports. In my childhood I got good prepared for that stuff(thanks to my parents) and somehow it´s a natural for me.
Now I am 34 and I still love getting into new sports. Two years ago Luisa and I went to my very first ski experience. She is so skilled in that and is driving her whole life.
In my opinion skiing is something you can´t explain in a way you explain handball or golf to somebody. It´s all about rhythm and of course about fears.

Snow and sun, so awesome

Snow and sun, so awesome

So two years ago I rent some ski equipment and went to the slowest flatest baby course I could find. Now imagine I stand up on a hill with my skis on and I have to come down… standing there the thought was just ridiculous, no way can I go down there. I will fall 100%. I got no control. I can´t. I am to scared. lalala – all this things went through my head so I accepted all that and make myself go. In the first thirty minutes I fall down at least 50 times but I told myself not to freak out. Let that be a good chance to work on yourself and not go crazy with yourself cause you fall down by something you never did before. Come down from your high horse(^^) and do it again.
Slowly I could stand on skis for some seconds and later on for some minutes without falling down. Luisa was quite nice by supporting and telling me that I just need practice and don´t be afraid of failing.
After and hour or so we went up to the big hill and I tried it. That also was my first time I was going uphill with a seat lift. All this new input make feeling good inside.
The first time on the big hill I failed eventually here and there but at the end of the day I could say that I definetely got fun and want to do it again.

So last weekend I did it again with Michael and Jacqueline and a friend of her and we went to the Wurmberg here in the area of Harz. I got in touch with them by socialising on facebook and we got instantly a good vibe to one another.
This was now my fourth time skiing and it is still the thing that I need at least 6-8 minutes to get my groove. I fall down 10 times before I got the grip and my rhythm. Maybe it´s like playing drums. At first you need some time to feel good and secure and with that you progress more and more.
I would like to know how all the experienced ski drivers are instantly safe on there skies and drive red and black turns. pfff…


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