After I finished my apprenticeship in 2010 as an IT-System administrator I continued in Brakel in the same company (tap holding) for two more years before I went back to my home town hanover where I got a job at Ricoh Deutschland. I worked there for almost two years as a system administrator but I´ll never forget my awesome team at tap. I was lucky to work with Denis, Ram, Torben, Jensemann, Andre, Stefan, Georg and others. It was truely the best time as an It-admin so far.

Don´t get me wrong working with and for Ricoh was great too. Especially working with guys like Stefan, David, Dennis, Jan, Fraser but the job itself was better at the former job;)

I started my it career with doing help desk jobs and remote support. Than I got more and more responsobility and was allowed to maintain servers. Eventually I started to get responsibility over storage and networking.
Right now I´m working for Computacenter as an IT Datacenter Engineer.
I´m not quite sure weather or not I want do this kind of job all my life but I like creating stuff, building structures and be creative in some ways.
Picturing myself as an IT-consultant to work in projects from start to finish looks good to me. But to be honest I don´t like planing and contemplating my future too much. I´m not at the end of my level of happiness and pleasure so I´ll keep looking for.

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