Commit yourself isn´t easy

I just want to quickly post this cause I like the idea and I´m feared to forget it.
Right, it´s about fear.
This of course is a never ending topic but I just want to connect fear to a certain thing and this is commitment to anything.

– So let´s say you like to play piano and you are actually pretty good. You would love to play on a big stage cause you even got some talent but it´s alright for you(that´s what you tell yourself at least) just to play here and there not regulary and after some time the idea is gone.

It´s about your current state

In the last days and weeks being super unproductive at work I got a hang to motivational and personal trainer/speaker like the great Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Tai Lopez and it really makes fun to watch these guys cause they influence me in a positive way(at least while watching).
People who know me do also know that I have a sense of this motivational stuff espacially in combination with some music and out there is so much stuff out there but that´s where I think it´s not all gold. The variety is wide spread that I got a little over it. There are postings like how 7 steps to be more yourself or 3 steps every succsessful guy does every day or 4 reasons why you are not happy in your relationship and 50 things to challange yourself and they are almost always pretty good.
Actually I try to find a good dosis of this stuff reading and implemanting.

Still my hero

Today I came across the mood that wanted me to remember Robin Williams and I can do this over and over and over.
I was watching so many videos and clips of my all time favorite comedian/actor and I felt pretty sad. And the funny thing is in the same moment I felt wonderful by feeling sad about him, it´s wired but I miss him on tv.

Motivation meets music

Here are two states, two conditions which were triggered by motivation (at least for me).
In the last time I watch and read a lot of blogs/videos that contains and deals with emotional stuff, topics, storys and music.

I really can´t explain it in a rationally way but maybe you can comprehend this in some way.


I just want to write something from experience about balance because I really like that topic.
In the last years people are using more and more this term ‘work-life-balance’. As far as I can tell during my last five job interviews everyone of them told me about work and life balance. But is it something new? Something special, something wicked? Apparantely companys getting more and more afraid of employees getting trapped by bore-/burnout so that they announce this term based to a “good company”. On the other hand they realized a huge difference between an employee and an contented and motivated employee.
Beside sufficient private time as a motivation and engerie source it is equally important to have a balanced workload and sort of an challenging job.


What is worth my time?

I´m not talking about the value of minutes in fact even for this stuff there are wired combination out there.
How am I gonna use my 24 hours each day everybody has is what I do ask myself? In this case I was sitting at home and was watching movies, youtube, playing games and just wasted time. 7 days without doing anything productiv which would me bring any further to do better in several parts of my live as music, languages etc. Just a waste of time.